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Part A :

Good morning, welcome to the Horizon Hotel.

How may I help you?

I've come in to make a reservation for a friend.

And your friends' s name is...?

MacKay, Sandra MacKay, that's M-A-C-K-A-Y.

Thank you. When is she arriving?

She's flying in on the fifteenth but she' II stay with me for the first night because we have an early start on the sixteenth

- we're going for a quick trip to the coast - but we should be back on the eighteenth.

So that's the 18th of this month?

No, sorry, did I forget to say?

It's next month - December.

Well, that's getting pretty close to Christmas,

but we may have something available ...

Right, we have one or two nice rooms left ...

but how long will she stay for?

A week.

So, she'd be checking out on ...

Christmas Day - the 25th.

Is that a problem?

Well, it depends.

We don't have a room available for the whole week, but, if she didn't mind changing rooms mid-way through her stay, we could work something out.

Oh, I see.

And if she wanted to extend her stay, that wouldn't be possible, I'm afraid.

We're completely booked out from Christmas Day through to New Year.

No, she won't want to extend and I don't think she'd have a problem with changing rooms.

Good. Well, I'II put her in Room 502 to start with and then she' II have to move to ...

805, just a minute, let's make that 702 because that's available and it's two floors directly above 502 so the room layout will be identical.

How much will it cost per night?

The basic room rate is $165.

Is breakfast included?

No, but a complimentary drink is served every evening at 5 o'clock.

Oh, that could be quite nice.

Shall we make the booking then?

We will require a deposit equivalent to one night's stay.

That's fine - I can pay the deposit.

How would you like to do that - in cash or by credit card?

Credit card, I suppose.

Oh, wait a minute - I might have enough money in my purse,

yes, let' s do it in cash.

Hang on, I' ll just make a note of that.

Deposit cash.

Part B :

Just a second while I print a receipt.

Who shall I make it out to?

My name is Zoe Reed,R-E-E-D.

Thank you Ms Reed.

Now, I' II need some contact details for either you or Ms MacKay.

I' II give you my details, I only live on the other side of town.

Can I have your address and phone number, please?

I live at 14 South Street,

Morning Town. And my phone number is 439 4829.

Thank you, 439 4829.

Yes, that's right.

Now, I'll just print the booking form.

If you have any questions or need to make any changes,

just quote the reservation number on the bottom of the form.

That's it there: AQ 459.

Thanks very much.

Oh, before I go, just a couple of questions.

What time does the room get cleaned?

I'm only asking because my friend usually has a short nap after lunch and she wouldn't like to be disturbed.

Well, the maids are usually finished by 1 p.m.

because we have a 2 o'clock check-in time, you see.

They come on duty quite early in the morning ...

so they are sure to be finished in your friend' s room by lunchtime,

yes definitely -I'd say roughly 11 o' clock.

Thanks ... that's good to know.

One more thing is there room service for meals?

Only for breakfast and dinner.

Breakfast service finishes at 9 and starts at 5 a.m.

Dinner service starts at 6 p.m.

but the last orders have to be in half an hour before the kitchen closes at 11 p.m.

-so full room service closes at 10.30.

But remember, light snacks -things like toasted sandwiches or muffins - can be ordered at the bar just off the lobby throughout the day and evening - until two in the morning.

Thanks very much.

You've been most helpful.

Complete the sentences below.

1 Horizon Hotel

Date of arrival: December

显示答案 正确答案: 18(th)     

Complete the sentences below.

2 Date of departure: December

显示答案 正确答案: 25(th)|Christmas Day     

Complete the sentences below.

3 Room number: 502 and

显示答案 正确答案: 702     

Complete the sentences below.

4 Room rate:$

显示答案 正确答案: 165     

Complete the sentences below.

5 Deposit: Paid

显示答案 正确答案: in cash